The Ancient Romans built one of the greatest civilizations in known history, lasting for more than a thousand years. Rising from a relative backwater to the centre of the known world – though the Delphians might disagree with me – is a testament to the breed of men that made Rome great. But what distinguished the Romans from the other Italic tribes? We may never know the answer, but I would argue it was the determination and civic virtue above all else. Roman mythology and history is full of epic stories about courage and personal sacrifice in name of the greater good. Names such as Marcus Curtius and Horatius Cocles to name just a few.

As the years passed by, so did the resolve and moral values of the Roman people, until their eventual demise. It is easy to become complacent during good times, especially if one has never had to endure any hardships. It is the weak men of such good times who will lead the society to a total and utter destruction – it happened to the Romans, and it will very likely happen to the modern Western civilization. Fortunately however, we can learn from the ancient Romans, as well as other great civilizations of the past.

In this Brave New World it is imperative to keep a calm mind and take personal responsibility of ones outcomes. All hardships offer great opportunities to those who do not fall prey to the mass hysteria and keep a stoic mind instead. And what else to draw inspiration from than the Roman Republic, stoicism, and the roman virtues in general?


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