How To Become A Virtuous Man

As the world is facing a global lockdown and people are fighting like mindless zombies over toilet paper, one wisely wonders; what went wrong? How did we go from the Ancient Romans and may I say, the Spartans, to the mindlessness that defines modern society? A society where people are more interested in instant gratitude and dopamine high in the form of junk food and 5D porn, as opposed to taking personal responsibility of their lives. Our ancestors would roll in their graves many times over.

It should come as no surprise that weak behaviours make weak men. Weak men are more susceptible to disease and are less likely to survive any major pandemic, or even a few days without an Internet connection.

Perhaps this is a good time to take a look at how the Ancient Romans maintained a strong, virile and virtuous society. First and foremost, the Romans were competitive people and would have disdained any weak behaviour. Giving up was not a phrase in their dictionary. Physical fitness was highly valued in both the Ancient Roman and Greek societies. While physical fitness is valued even today, few people are willing to put in the effort. Yet it was almost as a habit for the Romans. And compared to the Spartan Greeks, the Romans were wussies. The Spartans namely frowned on all luxuries eating famously their black broth and bathing only in cold water – albeit they did use the laconicum, i.e a dry sweating room – a precursor to modern sauna. The Romans on the other hand bathed in both cold and warm water, and were slightly more liberal in their way of eating, albeit it is difficult to tell to what extent their diet consisted of meat, and lesser foods such as grains.

In the end, the willingness to endure pain and suffering (rigorous training, cold baths, laconic food, etc) all contributed to a superior breed of men. Men who would have higher values and virtues. Men who would be healthy and strong. Men with strong immune systems and a high life expectancy. It was not uncommon for men (and women) in Ancient Rome to live to old age while being virile and functioning until the very end. Contrast that to modern society with rampant obesity and a myriad of chronic diseases among even the young. Yes, the average life expectancy during Roman times was much lower, but it was brought down mainly due to childhood disease, from infections during childbirth, and obviously, war.

In conclusion; all one needs to do in order to not only survive, but to thrive in a situation where mass hysteria and panic roams rampant, is to keep a calm and stoic mind. One should train to endure the unpleasant things in life, until they eventually become a second nature, and in fact enjoyable. Only then will one find true motivation and will become a truly virtuous man. A man willing to sacrifice himself for the values he holds dear.

As the popular Latin phrase says – Per aspera ad astra.